This is a tight fitting sweat suit with built-in sauna technology. The concept of it is to target certain areas of the body that is known to store the most fat and would require more than just daily exercising to get rid of it. I used the Betabrand's pants and hoodie template and a photoshop software for this design.

1.Take the Betabrand pants and hoodie template and duplicate it twice. After you make your duplicates you will need to crop the top half (front view) from the bottom half (back view). Using your second duplicate layer you will need to crop the bottom half (back view) from the top half (front view. This would make it easier to create different looks for both front and back (top and bottom of template).

2. Select the duplicate layers of the top half and bottom half (front view/back view) of the hoodie template.Change the shape of the pant legs by cropping and elongating to give it a more fitting shape. Create darker panels on the sweat suit and that's where the sauna suit technology/material will go on the inside of the sweat suit.

3. Create a new layer for the texturing of the garment. I choose a texture that I already had and added it to my design. With the help of the magic wand I could crop around the template on the texture layer. I made a color layer and cropped it down to fit in the center of the dress creating the color blocking effect then I used my magic wand to make a perfect crop of the color block for collar of the dress.

5. Lastly, you want to merge all the layers in order and delete layers that aren't needed in the finish product then save :)

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