Introduction: Sacher Cake Pops

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Cake pops are usually made from light dough combined with buttercream. However, I find the Sacher cake to be one of the best cakes ever Sacher cake pops taste absolutelly delicious. The dough is quite heavy and therefore more difficult to work with but only a little and the result is worth it. I used the traditional Sacher cake recipe and also wanted the pops to look the same, so they don’t look so fancy but they really are Sacher. I did one extra thing – I added a thin layer of white chocolate to help keep the pops together before coating it with heavier dark chocolate.

Usually you make the cake pops from leftovers of a cake when you sculpt it and cut pieces of the biscuit off. For this tutorial I will tell you in brief how to make a full Sacher cake base (without coating because we will coat the cake pops). I used the same base to make the Totoro cake.


(for 16 cake pops)

chocolate coating:
200 g white chocolate

100 g cocoa butter (you can skip this but I recommend using it)

200 g dark chocolate

for the cake:

3 eggs

140 g dark chocolate

150 g butter

125 g all-purpose flour

150 g confectioner’s sugar

1 tbsp of vanilla extract

a pinch of baking powder

a pinch of salt

4 tbsp of apricot marmelade

grease and heavy grain flour to grease the cake mold


cake mold, diameter of 16 cm

16 wooden sticks

Step 1: Cake Base

Divide the eggs into yolks and whites. Beat the whites to snow and let it rest in the fridge. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate in water bath and whisk in the egg yolks, vanilla extract, butter, salt and sugar. Then add flour and baking powder and as last mix in the snow. Use wooden spoon to do that. Grease the mold and pour the batter in it. Prehear the over to 160 °C and bake the cake for 60 minutes. Let it cool down. If you were making only the Sacher cake, you would then coat it with marmelade and chocolate. You won’t do that now.

Step 2: Make the Pops

1. Crumble the cake with your hands.

2. Mix in the marmelade. I use 1 tablespoon for 100 grams of cake but if yours still falls apart, just add a little more marmelade. Let it rest in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

3. Knead the dough properly by hand and form balls. Put them on the sticks and let them rest again in the fridge.

Step 3: Coating

1. Meanwhile, melt the white chocolate in water bath and whisk in the cocoa butter. We also decided to color part of the melted chocolate with red gel colorant.

2. Then dip the pops in the fridge, put them in a tall glas and let the chocolate set. Then – once again – put them in the fridge for another 10 minutes. Melt the 200 g of dark chocolate in water bath.

3. Dip the pops in the dark chocolate, let it set and then again into the fridge. Keep the cake pops in the fridge until you serve them.

Enjoy the delicious Sacher cake pops!

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