Introduction: Sadako (The Ring Ghost)

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I bet you have seen The Ring, right? The scary Japanese horror movie :) If you have not, maybe you have seen the American version instead? With the same title, but less creepy :P

Well this is the main character in the movie and her name is Sadako Yamamura and she is haunting our front yard at the moment lol

Took the picture this morning just before leaving for school :)

Step 1: Materials

  • skull from Dollarstore
  • two skeleton hands from Dollarstore
  • 2 wigs from Dollarstore
  • 1/2 inch PVC ppie, about 12 ft long
  • a couple of T fitting/connection and elbow fitting/connection
  • glue gun
  • saw
  • black tape
  • old unused bed sheet
  • some cloth safety pins

Step 2: Structure

  • The height of the ghost is up to you obviously, but she is about 5 ft in height, as tall as me haha
  • Basically you will be making a shoulder, where you will be attaching the skeleton hands, and for that you would want to glue gun the elbow fitting to the pvc pipe so your structure would look like a T shape. Before this though, you would want to glue the skull first to a pvc pipe, then with another pipe by using strong black tape, make the shoulder, which then at each ends you will glue the skeleton hands.
  • With the same you would want to cut two small pieces of PVC pipe to make the hip. For this, you would need the T fitting, so glue the two small pipes to each sides of the T fitting.
  • With two more T fittings, you will be attaching two long pipes as the legs and your structure is ready :)

Step 3: Dressing Sadako

  • Glue 1 wig onto skull and 1 wig onto the chin of the skull (because those Dollarstore wigs aren't long enough, but we need looooong ghostly hair, so this is the way hahah)
  • Before gluing the wigs tho, fold a bed sheet in half, then snip a little hole in center which will go through the skull. So the bed sheet should fall on the shoulder structure, like a gown
  • With safety pins, just pin here and there especially on the hands area to show the hands, obv
  • Also use some safety pins along the legs structure so should there be a stronger wind blowing, the structure would still be covered.
  • Push the structure into ground and your Sadako is ready :D (you can of course hang her somewhere if you like, which would be creepier when the wind blowing :))

Happy Halloween!

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