Introduction: Safe and Sound

I decided to do this product because it was something I really needed, all of my savings and my imortant things, I had them unsecured in my closet. So in this book I can put my savings and nobody will notice were my money is, because the book is not used anymore.

Step 1: Materials


-Post its

-Exacto knife


Step 2: Out Line

Draw a square with a ruler to see where you will be cutting for the first time with the exacto knife, it's the most important cut. Calculate how big you will want your square.

Step 3: The Important Step

You have to cut all the edges with the exacto knife, so it's a perfect square

Step 4: Put the Velcro for Things Not to Fall

You put a page the size of the square, put a velcro on the side,and then you can open and close the page.

Step 5: Final Product

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