Introduction: Safety Box


With the new wave of COVID 19 in tragic development, I think it is good to announce again.
It is a small box, simple, easy to build and use when there are no disposable gloves.
Αll antiseptics hurt the hands with continuous use.
This box is multi-purpose and all you need is a refresh and a change of antiseptic.
Please share the safety box. Somebody may need this box.

Step 1: The Box

An empty box of medicine or cosmetic to the size you desire with lid.

Step 2: Materials, Tools and Construction.

A drill depending on the size of the hook screw.
A clothes hook to the size you want, depending on the size of the box.
A piece of heat-shrinkable pipe.
A wooden ball or plastic or anything that can be screwed to the tip of the hook.
Two small round pieces of sponge.
Antiseptic gel.

Cover the box with opaque tape so that the brand is not visible.
You need to make a hole in the center of the lid.
Screw the hook to the lid of the box with the hook to the box.
Cover the iron hook with the heat shrinkable pipe.
Put sponges in the box and put in an antiseptic.

Step 3: Ready to Use