Introduction: Safety First

Hi Everyone,

Stay safe indoors with these fun and easy miniatures every household needs. Just like the real things, you won't be able to find these in store. So sit back, relax and let's make some very popular items.


For Clorox Wipes
* 1 PVC pipe
* 1 Container of Clorox Wipes
* 1 Dryer sheet
* Hot glue
* Hobby knife
* Cutting tool ( I used a small hand saw)

For Hand Sanitizer
* One rectangular shaped jewelry piece
* Printer
* One silicone clear earring back
* One piece of rice
* White paint
* Hot Glue
* Hobby knife

For Face Mask
* 1 Dryer Sheet
* 1 Small rubber band
* Hot glue

Step 1: Making Tiny Clorox Wipes

1. Find a piece of PVC pipe (you know you have one) and use a cutting device such as a small hand saw like I did to cut it down to desired size. I cut mine down to 2 inches.
2. Use hobby knife to cut out small clorox logo located in the back side of the container.
3. Glue paper logo onto pvc pipe
4. Cut a dryer sheet horizontally about a third of the way
5. Lastly add glue to one end of the dryer sheet you cut and stuff into the top of your pvc pipe.

All done! Now you can go out and wipe down all that tiny furniture you own.

Step 2: Making Tiny Hand Sanitizer

1. Use a rectangular crystal bead, craft stores sell these by the pack or pull one from an old jewelry piece you don't use anymore.

2. Go online and search Purell Logo. Next copy the logo you want to a word document. Lastly shrink the size of the logo as small as you want and print it out.

3. Now that you have your logo, cut it out. I used a hobby knife because of how small the image was.

4. Glue your image onto the center of your crystal bead.

5. Now let's work on your pump. Start by taking your rice piece and glueing it to the top of your earning piece.

6. Use some white paint to paint the pump piece. Make sure to cover the whole thing.

7. Let the pump piece dry and when ready glue to the top of your crystal bead. ALL DONE!

Don't forgot to wash your hands or use hand sanitizers when you're all done. Clean hands are happy hands.

Step 3: Making a Tiny Face Mask

1. Take 1 dryer sheet and cut a small corner out of it. ( use a hobby knife for a clean finish)

2. Fold horizontally in a accordion pleat.

3. Find a small rubber band. Now cut the rubber band corners. You want the ends as they already bend inward.

4. Hot glue the end of the dryer sheet and glue the rubber band pieces to the ends of the dryer sheets.

Step 5. Find a small enough insect to place mask over and protect them from getting sick.
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