Introduction: Safety Mask

My husband works for a local hospital and they've been told that it's okay to use homemade masks. They've even gone so far as to give instructions on how to make your own. I like this mask because it doesn't use elastic - elastic can rub on ears and interfere with the arms of glasses.

With a yard of 100% cotton fabric from Walmart (happily they are still open), you can make four or more masks. I made them earlier this evening and here are the instructions:


100% cotton

Matching thread

Sewing machine


Step 1: Prepare the Fabric

Wash and dry the fabric on hot.

Cut an 8x14 rectangle as well as two 1.5x34 fabric strips. Iron both flat.

Step 2:

Fold the 8x14 rectangle in half (with the right sides facing each other) and sew a ¼ inch seam. Turn the right side out.

Step 3:

Make 3 pleats, about 1 inch each. Iron flat. The mask should be about 3-3½ inches wide.

Step 4:

Fold each 1½x34 inch tie in half and press. Open back up and fold each end to the middle and again press. Finally, fold in half again and press. Your final piece should be about 3/8" wide.

Step 5:

Align center of tie with side of mask. Fit mask snugly inside and pin in place. Stitch the mask in place - get as close as possible while still catching all of the fabric. Repeat on both sides.

Sew down the edges of tie, sewing over the mask a second time (making the mask more secure). The seam is tight. Do your best to stay as close as possible to the edge while still going through all four layers of fabric.

Repeat for the other side of mask.

Step 6:

Done. Trim off the stray threads.

Stay healthy everyone.

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