Introduction: Sailor Moon Sailor Chibi Moon's Crystal Carillon

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As there is no tutorial for making the Chibi Moon's Crystal Carillon, I feel like I give a try.

For my research:

cosplay idea by skinniwini

Step 1: Goodies Need to Gather

1. styrofoam heart that is around 8 inches(the valentine is coming shall be easy to get in craft store)

2. metal stars from the craft section

3. a pair of wooden wings from hobby lobby

4. a cow bell that is 2.5 inches tall or a gold liberty bell

5. light-weight paper clay (make sure is light-weight so it won't be too heavy)

6. little styrofoam hearts

things did not list on the photo:

7. nail polishes in silver, yellow, and top coat

8. spray paint or acrylic paint in gold

9. paint sealer

10. hot glue gun

Step 2: Spray Paint the Wing

paint the wooden wing in pink either in spray paint or acrylic paint.

wait it dry couple hours.

Step 3: Paint Your Stars

if you get silver stars like I do, then you need to spray paint or nail polish them in gold.

Step 4: Put the Round Beads on the Star

For the center star, it has rounded beads around the corner, use the hot glue gun and pins to stable the beads like the picture.

Step 5: Make the Cow Bell Looks Like Liberty Bell

Use the light weight paper clay to shape the bell and completely cover the cow bell with it.

Step 6: Add Details of the Bell

use the paper clay to make couple lines, bows and the ribbon.

Step 7: Add the Heart Onto the Bell

Add the heart to the bell, also add a pearl bead in the center of the bow.

Step 8: Add the Moon on the Handle Heart

Use paper clay to make a flat rounded shape with a crescent, add the shape to the handle heart.

Step 9: The Princess Tiara

Use paper clay to cut out 4 triangle shape along with a rectangle shape.

Put them together you will have the shape of the tiara.

Put the beads like the star has, and use pin to stable the beads.

Use three pins put through the bottom, and they will be stabilized to the handle heart.

Step 10: Assemble

Use a wire to stable the bell to the handle heart BEFORE the paper clay completely dried.

Sandwiched the wooden wing in between the bell and the heart.

*side note, I could've painted the bell before it assembled but I didnt.

Feel free to paint it gold neither spray paint after it dried or acrylic paints. Just make sure the wire that connect the cow bell and the handle heart.

Step 11: Finishing Up

Hot glue gun everything that is not stabled.

Add the center star with hot glue gun.

Step 12: Finished!

Waiting the whole piece dry, and sit with Sailor Moon theme songs.

Congratulation you added one more Crystal Carllion to this world!

Enjoy your cosplay! Hope to see your project's picture!

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