Introduction: Sailrite Integrated Light Hack

Sailrite Ultrafeed sewing machines have no built-in light but Sailrite does have a flex light as an additional accessory to be purchased separately or with one of their sewing machines bundles.

The previous models of the machine and the flex light had separate power supplies which forced you to connect each to a different mains outlet. New models have an adapter that allows the light to be connected to the sewing machine's power source.

That is all good and well but first it is only available now, and second it seemed to support only 110V power plugs.

This little hack allows you to connect the light to the machine's power source directly.

Warning - I have no official qualifications as an electrician, therefore follow these instructions on your own discretion. It is not recommended to proceed if you don't possess basic electrical know-how.


  • Sewing machine with no embedded light and an accessible power socket (Sailrite Ultrafeed)
  • External light
  • Crimp-on ring terminals
  • Heat shrink
  • Multimeter (Recommended)

Step 1: Prepare the Connection

After taking apart the power port on the sewing machine (4 Philips screws) I chose the appropriate ring crimp terminals.

I then cut the plug off of the Flexi light, and crimp on the terminals while adding heat shrink to each terminal and one to cover the entire connection.

Choosing the right terminals to connect to on the machine was quite straight forward and involved using a multimeter to determine which is connected to the power socket.

I discovered that one of the cables should be connected to the third terminal from the top, and the other one to the fourth terminal (which has no other connection). In my case polarity was of no issue since the original two-prong socket could be connected in any direction.

Step 2: Reassemble and Test

I finished by reassembling the power socket and cautiously :-) connecting it to the power supply.