Introduction: Salvaged Jar Quick Mug

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This is a quick project to make a mug style vessel out of a mason jar, or any jar you have lying around! A cute handled jar that can hold, flowers, coffee, pencils, candy,... whatever your heart desires!

Level of difficulty: beginner!

Cost: under $5


-Clean jar
-Old spoon or cheap spoon
-Dollar store cement
-Paint and decals, if desired
-Dishwasher safe mod podge
-Copper tape (optional)

Step 1: Make the Handle

Bend the spoon into a handle shape. Use pliers and gloves for safety if you can't comfortably bend the spoon [with your hands OR your mind, lol]. Test it out against the side of the jar until it suits you. Once you're happy with the handle shape, use the dollar store cement to attach your spoon to the side of the clean jar. I used a fancy pasta sauce jar.

Step 2: Embellish

Paint the spoon if desired. I painted mine a bright green to emulate a distressed effect. Add decals if desired.

Step 3: Seal

Seal the entire outside area of your jar and handle with dishwasher safe mod podge. Let it cure for 24 hours prior to use. Done!

Optional: add copper taping around the top to cover the threading if desired.

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