Introduction: Sand Cannon

Very fun to launch

Step 1: Make a Tnt Cannon

As the step says make a Tnt cannon
The only difference is that you need some sand
And I have a little bonus too ;)

Step 2: Add a Few Blocks

Add a few blocks to one side if the cannon by 3
This is where you are going to place your sand

Step 3: Add Tnt

The tnt further from my minecraft character is very good if you place tnt at the right time.

The tnt closer to my minecraft character is good if you want moderation.

Step 4: Put the Sand Down

Ignore the glass, but you can put sand anywhere in the "side" of the 3 blocks
The best time to drop the sand is about 7-8 seconds
If you do it in creative mode you can start spamming the place "button" at 6 seconds

Step 5: BONUS!!! :)

This has nothing to do with minecraft at all, this is just a pic of what happens when you pause a video at the right moment.
You can tell me in the comments what you want me to build next