Introduction: Sangria Sorbet That Stays Scoopy

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I make lots of homemade ice creams and sorbets in summer and once in a while also these "adult" sorbets that are great for barbecues with friends. This one is exactly what its name says - it's basically Sangria made into sorbet.

Sangria is a Spanish alcoholic drink combining especially red wine, sugar and fruit but also sweet citrus soda and other types of alcohol. The charm of this summer beach drink is that you can put in it what you have at home at the moment. The wine doesn't need to be a good and expensive one and as for the other alcohol, anything works. The fruits are usually tropical and subtropical, especially citruses but also water melons, grapes, apples...

The same goes for this sorbet, the only thing I left out is the soda.

The absolutely great thing about this recipe is that it stays scoopy so you don't need to eat it right after making it. You can keep it in your freezer and eat it right after you take it out, no need to wait for it to melt. So if you want to know how to do this, read on! oh, and I will also give you a tip for a alcohold-free kids' alternative.


This makes for a lot of sorbet, if you want, you can start with half of what I used:

- 2 medium apples

- 2 large bananas

- 2 oranges

- 1 nectarine

- 300g of grapes

- 500g of watermelon

- 200ml of red wine

- 50ml of vodka

- 3 tbsp of honey

- 5 tbsp of vegetable glycerin (food grade)

- bowl

- food processor

- electric whisk (or a manual one)

Fruit: I use what I have at home at the moment. You can add for example pineapple but sangria shouls always have some sort of citrus fruits.

Alcohol: As I said before, your red wine doesn't need to be very expensive. And just add a little of some other alcohol. I made this recipe with vodka but any other strong alcohol would work. For example Martini if you like a more sweet tone, Whisky if you prefer bitter taste. And as for the amount, this is the maximum for me. You can add more or less but I'm not going for sorbet tasting like alcohol, I like only a hint of it, just enough to taste that there's something "extra".

Step 1: Prepare and Freeze

1. Peel the apples, take out their cores and dice them.

2. Slice bananas and put them in a bowl with the apples.

3. Add peeled and diced oranges. If you like a little bitter taste, you can leave some of the white peel on them, if you don't like it at all make sure your oranges are peeled perfectly.

4. Add washed and diced nectarine, no need to peel it.

5. Then add the washed grapes.

6. Take out the seeds from the water melon (or buy one without seeds), cut it in small pieces and add it to the fruit. Mix.

7. Mix the fruit pieces a little. Put the bowl in a freezer and let everything freeze completely.

Step 2: Make the Sorbet

1. Put the fruit in the food processor. The amount could be too much to make everything in one go, this is why we mixed the fruit pieces, so that if you make several batches you have more or less the same ratio of everything.

Add the alcohol, honey and glycerine. If you split your fruit mix, you'll need to split also the other ingredients.

2. Blend everything until it's completely smooth and you can scoop it with a spoon.

3. Place everything in a container and in the freezer. Take it out every half an hour for the next 3 hours and mix with a whisk. The electrical whisk works much better but a manual one will do as well. Mixing everything regularly will help the sorbet stay nice and scoopy although the main agents that help maintain the structure here are the glycerine and the alcohol.

4. You can serve the sangria srobet right after blending it or from the freezer without having to wait for the sorbet to melt. Serve and consume it responsably, don't forget that it contains alcohol, so you should not serve it to children or consume it before driving.

Step 3: Something for the Children

You can make a kids friendly version of this sorbet by replacing the alcohol with a mixture of orange and grape juice. Just add the juice in the food processor before blending everything.

You'll need to adjust the amount of glycerine. The alcohol prevents the sorbet from getting iced and here not only that we don't use alcohol but the fruit also contains a lot of water. The glycerine prevents the big ice crystals from forming, so you'll need to double the amount of it (for the same amount of fruit and juice in this recipe it would be 10 tbsp).

If you use different fruit or different amount you'll have to figure out the amount of glycerine by yourself. Start with less and as you take the sorbet out of the freezer every 30 minutes check if it's getting too hard and add always a little more.

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