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Introduction: Santa Sleigh Photo Booth

I work in a residential house for adults with physical disabilities. Always looking for new projects, I decided to make a huge wheelchair accessible Santa sleigh photo booth for our annual Christmas party. I had help from some of our residents and my 2 assistants.

Step 1: Cut Outs

We cut our sleigh from very cheap wood ( low budget). This was unfortunate in the sense that it was a bit weak. It is the kind of cardboardy sheet that you would use for the back of a wardrobe. I don't know the name of it, but if I was to do it again, I would invest a little bit more and use a sheet of Plie wood.

I sketched out the shape and cut it with an electric jig saw. You will need 2 sides, so cut the 2nd side in mirror image.

Step 2: Painting

We painted the sleigh with poster paint mixed with PVA glue. The glue gives the paint a nice shine and it doen't crack when dry.

Step 3: Support

We used 2x2 lats of 1 meter length to attach the sides together. We wanted enough space for a wheelchair to enter from the back and therefore couldn't use the lats at the back of the sleigh.

We used some scrap wood to make the sides a bit sturdier. We used screws to attach the lats.

Step 4: Last Step

We painted the wooden 2x2's red to blend them in.

We decorated the sleigh with tinsel and snow from a spray can.

Finished. It only took 2 days to make and the photo booth was in good use at the Christmas party.

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    Something like this would be great to set up in any public space this time of year.