Introduction: Santa Stuck in Chimney Ugly Sweater

Stuck on ideas for that ugly sweater party? Here's a speedy and simple no-sew Santa-Stuck-in-a-Chimney Ugly Sweater.

Just dig up a sweater that you can jazz up with some dollar store paraphernalia. Santa's legs are made of two Santa hats from the dollar store, cut and hot glued together! Everything is stuck on the sweater with safety pins, so you can save your sweater after the holidays!

Step 1: Supplies

You can head to your local dollar store for most of this stuff. I spent $7 at my dollar store, including the cost of the lights.

2 Santa hats

White tinsel garland

Icicle ornaments

Star ornaments

LED lights

Mini Christmas lights

At home, I found:

Pair of black socks

Pillow fill/polyfill

Empty cereal box

Red cardstock


Hot glue gun

Glue stick

Step 2: Turn Santa Hats Into Legs

Two Santa hats make Santa's legs!

1. Cut off a corner of one hat about a third of the way in, as shown in the first picture. Keep the large piece.

2. Repeat with the second hat so you have two cut hats to make legs.

3. Turn one hat inside out and hot glue the seams together.

4. Turn outside out.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the second hat.

6. Fill each "leg" using pillow fill or polyfill.

7. Using hot glue, attach the two "legs" together to form a "V" shape, as shown.

Step 3: Santa's Boots

1. Fill a pair of black socks with pillow fill/polyfill.

2. Place a dot of hot glue several inches from the toe on the top part of the sock.

3. Fold the sock to the shape of an "L". Continue holding the sock until the glue is cool or the "L" shape will come undone.

4. Repeat for the second sock.

5. Using hot glue, attach the socks to the inside of Santa's pants/legs.

Step 4: Cereal Box Chimney

1. Cut red card stock to the same size as the front and two sides of a cereal box.

2. With a Sharpie and a ruler, draw in a brick pattern on the cut card stock.

3. Using a glue stick, glue the brick pattern on the front and two sides of the cereal box.

You've got a chimney!

Step 5: Stick Santa in a Chimney

Decorate the chimney with the icicles and some of the white tinsel garland.

1. Tape each icicle to the chimney.

2. Using a hot glue gun, glue the white tinsel garland over the tops of the icicles to hide the tape.

3. Using a hot glue gun, glue Santa into the inside of the chimney.

Step 6: Uglify Your Sweater

There are many ways to uglify your sweater! It's easy using safety pins.

1. Pin on the white tinsel garland across the bottom of the sweater.

2. Pin on the mini Christmas lights.

3. Pin on the star ornaments and the LED lights around the top and sides of the sweater, making room for Santa in the chimney in the middle of the sweater.

Step 7: Santa Stuck in a Chimney Stuck on a Sweater

Stick Santa-Stuck-in-a-Chimney on your sweater with safety pins.

On the first picture, I've shown the 6 different points where I've pinned Santa's legs

For the light battery packs, you can simply tuck them behind your back into the top of your pants.

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