Introduction: Santa's Sweet Treat Sleigh

Every Christmas time we like to make some Santa Sleighs for our family and friends. These little sleighs are made from chocolate bars and candy canes and should be available from all good shops. Some of the bars are miniature ones from multi packs (sometimes called fun size, but I am not sure what is "fun" about getting a smaller chocolate bar!!) This list of treats is just for example and you can substitute out anything, just use this as a guide.

We thought this would be a lovely instructable to share and it is also our first, so please be gentle and we thought this would be a great entry to the hot glue competition and that is the only tool you need. It is also a great project to get the children involved in, just be careful with the hot glue. The other advantage of this project is if it goes eat it!

On a serious note, please check that the glue sticks you use are non toxic. Whilst none of the glue touches the chocolate it is not worth taking any risks

Step 1: Lets Get Started.

First thing to do is make sure you have some space to work and have protected your work surface, hot glue is very forgiving but it is not worth risking a priceless family heirloom!

Now you have your work space ready make sure you have all your goodies ready and have an idea in your head how your sleigh will look, or copy ours exactly, plug in your hot glue gun and put some Christmas tunes on to get you in the mood.

Here we go...

Take 2 candy canes of roughly the same length, apply a bead of hot glue along the bottom of the 4 finger Kit Kat and attach the candy canes, as in the picture. This will form the base of the sledge with the candy canes forming the skis.

Next is to glue the larger Santa's back to the Fredo chocolate bar, the Fredo bar forms the back of the driving seat. Now take the larger gold coin and glue it to the front of the sleigh and also tack the top of the candy cane skis to the gold coin to give it some additional support.

Now glue Santa into his position at the front of the sleigh and add some Christmas twine to form the reigns.

Add 3 Kinder bars to the base of the sledge, followed by a stack of the smaller gold coin.

You can then build up the remaining parts by adding the small snowman and a snowball at the front and a Milky Way at the back and add a chocolate Christmas tree decoration at the rear.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

Now your sleigh is finished, we like to make a little Santa's sack to go on the top. We purchased a load of the red bags from ebay. They measure about 7cm x 7cm (3in x 3in) and added a couple of small toys, also obtained from ebay for pennies. Although this is not an edible part of the sledge we felt it gave a nice finishing touch.

The whole thing can then be placed in a cellophane bag and tied up with a nice little bow, already to be given as a gift.

If there is any of the chocolate bars left over, we like to call that a perk of the job and also an important part of quality control!!!

Please be careful if you are giving these gifts to anyone who has allergies and thank you for reading our first ever instructable.

We hope you enjoy making, (and eating) this and would wish every one a very happy and peaceful time of year, however you may celebrate it.

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