Introduction: Saron Ka Saag - Sarson Da Saag - Mustard Greens Curry

Sarson Ka Saag - Mustard Greens Curry - Sarson Da Saag - Saag - Sarson Saag-

Sarson is Mustard and Saag is Greens in many North Indian regional languages. A curry made out of mustard greens is colloquially known in India as Sarson Ka Saag (Mustard’s Greens). This curry is usually sought after during winter, but our appetite cares for no season or reason. We would eat it all through the year.

Mustard greens by nature are mildly bitter. In order to balance the bitterness, many recipes employ a cocktail of other greens such as spinach and fenugreek. This technique subdues the bitterness of the curry, in turn robbing the mustard greens of their uniqueness. These cocktail curries taste great, but by philosophy they cannot be called “Sarson Ka Saag”, because “Sarson” in most cases only holds 25% of the whole share.

As of today Hissing Cooker has been around for a year, but this is no big deal. Anything that is born, ages. Likewise, we birthed hissing cooker with a humble Madras curry and followed it up with 122 other recipe videos and posts. With every release we upped our standards. At least we believe to think we have. Anyway, let’s not stop with the criticism. We are clinching this opportunity to bring to you another Hissing Cooker original. Our very own mustard greens curry, an out and out mustard indulgence. This could very well be the real Sarson Ka Saag. Our recipe will yield 4 servings, with 142 kilocalories in each.

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