Introduction: Satellite

this is where you start to make a satellites

Step 1:

so you start with a sphere and lift it up in into the air

Step 2:

now put get a half sphere and move it so the sphere side is in the circle

Step 3:

now do it on the other side

Step 4:

now get a two cylinders and then put to connect to the flat side of the half sphere

Step 5:

now put a cylinder in the other cylinder but make sure you can still see the other cylinder

Step 6:

now do the same but it is longer

Step 7:

now put a dark sphere into the other cylinder leaving the top of the circle on the out side

Step 8:

now put a skinny cylinder coming out of the sphere like so

Step 9:

now put a squashed cylinder on the end of the other cylinder which is coming out of the circle like so.

Step 10:

now add more skinny cylinders connecting the squashed cylinder from the sphere like so

Step 11:

now put a sphere on the skinny cylinders like so.

Step 12:

now add a longer cylinder on the top of the base like so

Step 13:

now make a sphere and then put two half spheres on the top of the sphere and the bottom. Then put it on top of the longer cylinder like so.

Step 14:

now add a cylinder coming out of the side where the grey cylinder and the black thing connects

Step 15:

now put a squashed cylinder on top of the thing that is coming out of the side like so.

Step 16:

now put a cylinder on top of the black thing and then put a half sphere on top but rotate it by 180 so the flat side is facing up like so.

Step 17:

now make some solar panels which is easy you just get a flat blue rectangle and put grey rectangles across like so then attract it to the to area like so.

Step 18:

now put cylinders coming out of the sides

Step 19:

then add the solar panels to the cylinders like so

Step 20:

That is it that is the end.

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