Introduction: Saving Plastics

  • Computer
  • Go to Tinkercad
  • Sign in
  • Design Project

If you maybe want to make the real thing.

  • 1 Poland Water Bottle (cut only the top of the bottle) KEEP THE TOP YOU STILL NEED IT
  • 1 Small solar panel (you can buy online, remember they must have a positive and negative line connecting to them)
  • 1 light bulb (should have a negative and positive contact surface)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Introduction

We produce around 260 million plastics per year, but did you know that 10% of them end up in the ocean. This project uses an online software called Tinkercad. Tinkercad allows you to make any object you desire through the computer screen, it allows you to visually observe the outcome of your product. The product that I'll attempt to make on this software is something that looks very simple, yet conserves a little electricity and plastic. Although we are only conserving such a little amount, it still helps.

Step 2: Getting/Making a Bottle

  • Using Tinkercad
    1. Click on the tube
    2. Adjust the radius to 5.27
    3. Adjust the wall thickness to 2.5
    4. Change the sides to 24
    5. Change the bevel to 5 and the bevel segments to 3
  • This completes the bottle. If you want to make on in real life, you just need a bottle and carve a hole on the top that allows the light bulb you brought to fit in. (Make sure the bottle doesn't touch the bottle or else the heat emitting from the light bulb might melt the plastic.)

Step 3: Getting/Making "light Bulb"

  • Use Tinkercad (Just for digital design)
    1. Click on the scribble
    2. When it goes into scribble mode, draw a light bulb that looks similar.
  • Get a light bulb that would fit the hole in the bottle you carved. Make sure the light bulb you bought has a negative and positive charge on the ends of the bulb.

Step 4: Buying a Small Solar Panel and Attack the Charges to the Light Bulb

  1. You can go online on eBay or Amazon to buy a small little solar panel.
  2. Then attach the charges or the line of the solar panel to the light bulb.
  3. You can look at YouTube videos to see how you can attach the charges to the light bulb. (My sister did a project before of attaching a light bulb to a solar panel)

Step 5: (Final)Attach the Solar Panel to the Bottle

  • You can place the light bulb on the top of the bottle where it can fit in the hole you carve on the top. The top of the bottle should be bigger than the light bulb in order to avoid letting the light bulb to touch the bottle.