Introduction: Savory Biscuits!

Here's another quick-and-easy college-compatible dish I made a lot when I was a grad student- back in the dark ages. It's a great way to stretch leftovers, too.

Step 1: The Mix

The next step is to whip together some basic biscuit mix- oir just use a ready made mix, like this Jiffy brand. I like Jiffy as it's made here in Michigan by an old family owned firm. Call me old fashioned.

Step 2: This Is the Creative Part

Here's where the magic happens: To one small box of mix you add 1/2 cup water, and up to a cup of various additions. I used some leftover cappicola, fresh parsley, ground pepper, and chopped tomato. Grated or crumbled cheese is a great addition, as are just about any herb. It's cheap, it's easy; let your imagination run wild. Hey, how about corn-and-bacon muffins? Mmm.

Step 3: The Mixing...

Mix well, and place spoonfulls in muffin tins- or just drop them on a greased or oiled baking dish, or a sheet of alujminum foil, or an iron skillet. Whatever. If it can go in the oven, it's okay.

Step 4: The Finished Product

Mm, savory muffins! Great for breakfast, lunch, late night munchies, whatever.

More collegiate food coming soon, as well as my home made covert stereo microphones. Until then, more food ideas at

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