Introduction: Scaled Up Toy Train

This toy train model is 30cm in length; compared to the original standing between 7cm-8cm, this is 4X bigger! It's made using some woodworking tools but can be constructed quickly from start till finish.


- 6mm and 12mm MDF

- 6mm pine dowel rod

- Any spare wood for the blocks

- Hand Drill

- Hand Saw

- File

- 5mm Drill Bit

- Countersink

- 20mm Spade Bit

- Paint Brush

- Wood Stain

- Small Rivets

- Wood Glue

- Screws

- Fish Hook X2

Step 1: Planning

I first started to draw a 1:1 scale outline of the train.

I then thought about what colours should go where

Step 2: Cut Out Parts

I marked and measured out each part that needed to be cut out.

I then used my hand saw to cut the parts out

Step 3: Attach Carriage and Body

I started to glue the carriage together using wood glue.

I also glued the body together to prepare to drill.

Step 4: Sanding and Filing Into Shape

Next I sanded and filed all the parts into shape.

I made a template for the main body of the train so the sides would be equal. You don't have to do this as you can equally judge it by eye.

Step 5: Drilling

- Use the 5mm drill bit to drill into the sides of the carriage 4X and wheels

- Use spade bit to drill in the top of the body

- Use the countersink to drill into the wheels (so the screws are flush)

Step 6: Stain

Spread out your parts and paint in straight lines to match the wood grain on the smaller toy.

Step 7: Put All Your Parts Together!

After the stain has dried put all your parts together!

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