Introduction: Scarab 1.0 Paper Airplane

this paper air plane is extremely easy to make. it's tough for it's size and can do stunts or something cool while flying in the air. it can be made with notebook paper and POSSIBLY printer paper. i don't know about printer paper though cu i never went and tried to use it for the scarab.

Step 1: To Start

take a regular sheet of note book paper and fold it short ways. commonly known as "hotdog style" then open it back up

Step 2: First Nose Folds

take the top corner and fold it to the center lie on the paper. do this with both sides
then, flip it over

Step 3: More Nose Folds

do the same as you did in step 2. the flip it over a again.

Step 4: Last, But Not the Least, One More Nose Fold.

take the nose of the plane, then fold it down. then, fold the two side together

Step 5: Wings

Fold the wings to desired length, every different size of the wing(s) varies from person to person.

Step 6: Fins

Fold the fins to desired height

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Fluff the wings out so they are straight. Do the same with the fins. The fins need to stick straight up.

Step 8: Finish

CONGRATULATIONS! You just finished making the scarab1.0 air plane.if you have comment put them in the comments box. I you have any ideas that would make it work better or look nicer-but still works- please do the same. Hope you enjoy! there will be a scarab 2.0 in the future. I'm just working on the kinks.