Introduction: Scarf Vest

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A scarf can be made into a more wearable piece of clothing - simply by cutting two diagonal slits for your arms to go through. The best part is that you can still use it as a scarf if you wanted to. AND it's a one step project!

Step 1: Supplies


- Large square scarf or fabric
- Scissors
- 3 minutes of your time

I used a 30x30 vintage square scarf. It's already on the bigger side of scarves, so I'd recommend finding the largest square scarf you can find. For reference - I'm about 5'2", and you can check out the pictures above to see how a 30x30 scarf vest fit me. It'll all depend on your height, your preference, and the scarf you use, but the pictures above will help you gauge how your finished piece will look.

Step 2: Cut

First and only step: cut two diagonal slits on either side of the scarf's midpoint.
That's it!

Don't worry about making everything perfectly straight. You can tell just by looking at the above picture that I didn't even cut them straight, either. When worn, the scarf will flow and fold within itself - so being a few inches off won't matter at all.

I eyeballed this and didn't measure anything before hand, but I understand that's not everyone's style. SO if you're still hesitant, check out the diagram below. I included measurements for my particular vest, but keep in mind that it was done on a 30x30 scarf. You can always adjust accordingly depending on the size of your scarf.

Step 3: Wear

I wore this to a ReadyMade Magazine party in Manhattan. It was so comfortable! You can even do this with large squares of fabric that you have laying around. Try jersey fabric for something casual, or chiffon for a more formal look. It's totally up to you.