Introduction: Scary Jason Mask

I decided to make a Scary Jason Mask.

Step 1: Making Your Sketch

You want to begin by creating a couple of sketches for your mask to help get all of your ideas out.

Step 2: Blow Up a Balloon and Cut Pieces of Plaster Wrap

You want to blow up a balloon to your preferred size (as big as you want your mask to be) and cut your pieces of plaster wrap.

Step 3: Gather Materials

You want to begin covering the balloon with the pieces of plaster wrap that you cut. In order to do that, you must saturate the piece of plaster wrap in water then stick it on the balloon. Repeat this process until the balloon is completely covered. Let dry over night. Add another layer if you feel the base isn't strong enough.

Step 4: Pop Balloon and Cut

Once you've cover you balloon with as many layers you desire, you want to pop the balloon and cut the mold you have made to however big you want your mask to be.

*cut the mold with an x-acto knife or scissors.

Step 5: Trim Edges and Cut Eyes

Once you cut a general shape of your mask you want to start cutting out the pieces necessary to make your mask.

Step 6: Seal Edges

Seal edges with more plaster wrap to prevent the other pieces of plaster wrap from coming off.

Step 7: Build Nose

Use cardboard to build up the nose to look 3D.

Step 8: Paint

Paint the whole mask white

Step 9: Details

Color black dots and red marks as the Jason Mask does.

Step 10: Straps

Use a strip of cardboard and a yarn to hold the mask to your face.

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