Scenic Design Assingment

Introduction: Scenic Design Assingment

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For this instructable, I will be showing an assingment asking students to create a 3D Tinkercad representation of their favorite place they have been or like to go. These are three students who showed examples of creative work and followed the criteria.

Step 1: Student #1

When asked to complete this assignment, this student created a 3D model of their cabin that they like to visit. I asked them to take a screenshot of their finished product and email it to me. This is what I received.

Step 2: Student #2

When asked to complete this assignment, this student sent me a screenshot of an exhibit in a museum. This was my favorite example because they worked very hard on it and showed details that most students did not.

Step 3: Student #3

When asked to complete the assignment, this student chose to make a model of a swimming pool. She said that in her neighborhood, they have a community pool where she likes to swim. I think that this was a good representation of a swimming pool because she added some cute details like a scuba mask and flippers.

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    Question 2 years ago

    how did youi get pic here


    Answer 2 years ago

    I just uploaded the pictures that were sent to me. To screenshot on a computer, (at least this is how it is on my computer) all you have to do is hold down the control key and the "show all open windows" key at the same time