Introduction: Schoolproject: Infinity Mirror

We have made an infinity mirror for a school project. We used Arduino UNO to make some varations in the loop of the LED-stip. In this project we didn't stick the mirror film on to the infinity mirror. this is because we did not want to make the glass dirty.

Step 1: Parts Needed for the Project

For this project we used these materials:
- Arduino UNO (programming kit)

- LED strip

- Mirrored film

- One mirror

- A frame

- Glue gun

- Black paint

Step 2: Measuring the Frame

We had to put the infinity mirror in the ceiling of our school. So at first we measured the surface in which we had to put the infinity mirror, in our case the surface was: 72 by 52 centimeters.

Step 3: Programming the Arduino

The arduino drives the ledstrip. There are a lot of variations for the ledstrip; Speed of the leds, the colour variation, etc. At our own project we used this code: (see Note (robin_test.ino))

Step 4: Drilling a Hole

we have drilled a hole in the edge of the frame, we did this because the led-strip had to have an exit because it would look messy if the arduino and the edge of the led-strip wass still in the mirror itself.

Step 5: Making the Frame and Framing the Mirror

So now we have uploaded the code to arduino and we measured the surface of the frame.
The next step will be actually making the frame. At first we painted the whole frame black, we have done. At second we glued the LED strip on the inside of the frame.

Step 6:

The next step that we cleaned the perspex with glassex so there will not be a dirty spot between the film and the plastic. After that we put mirror film on to the perspex. The mirroring side of the mirror film has to be put to the side of the LEDS because they have to reflect the LEDS in order to make the infinity illusion possibe. Now the infinnity mirror effect works.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

The infinity mirror has to be placed in the ceiling, so we created a hole in one of the plasterboards from the ceiling. Because the celing is not strong enough to hold the entire frame, we had to make an crossbar attached to it.