Scoochmaroo Challenge: Leftovers

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This Week's Challenge:Leftovers!  

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who entered!  There were so many great recipes this week.  I'm glad we were able to bump it up to the next prize tier and have more winners!  Thank you to everyone for participating.

1st Place

Japanese Curry Buns (Kare-Pan) 
by Nadeshiko

2nd Place

Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup
by craftknowitall
Chicken Curry Samosas
by iluvtyedye84
Leftover-rice Rice Pudding
by trvrq

All entries must be published and posted in the comments below posted by Midnight December 5th PST.

All entries will be exclusively judged by a guest judge: Penolopy Bulnick based on successful completion, originality, and overall execution of the Instructable. Winners will be announced on or around December 6th.