Introduction: Scooter Lights

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Do you want your scooter to look like a car from "The Fast and the Furious" movie series?  Well look no further than this Instructable!

Step 1: Materials

What's Needed: Scooter; Glow Sticks; Clear Tape, Hot Glue, or Rubber Bands

Step 2: Placement

Decide what kind of glow sticks you want and where you would like to place the glow sticks.  I had large glow sticks and they reached a bit to far.  To fix this I decided to run it up the wheelie bar.

Step 3: Snap, Pop, Shake!

Remove the glow sticks from the package.  My glow sticks were housed in a long, thin, cardboard tube that I could use in a future project.  Break the glow sticks and shake them.  If you do this in the dark, this makes for some cool nighttime photography.

Step 4: Attach the Glow Sticks

Now attach the glow sticks to the bottom of the scooter.  My rubber bands wouldn't hold the glow sticks properly, so I taped it on with invisible tape.  You might be able to use hot glue, but it might ruin the glow sticks and could be dangerous.  That and the fact glow sticks do not work forever and these may not come off.

Step 5: Now Check It Out!

Now look at the results in the dark.  This casts a cool glow on the ground but my camera couldn't pick it up well.  You could also achieve this effect with EL wire.

Step 6: Be Careful!

This is not a safety device.  Please have a mounted light.  Bicycle lights can be mounted onto the handle bars of a scooter.  Do not try stunts with this attached.  This may damage the glow sticks.  Were protective padding.   I am not responsible for any damages brought about by this device.  Please leave a comment.
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