Introduction: Scooter and Ramp

How to make a scooter on tinkercad

Step 1: How to Make Bars and Grips

Step 1: To make the bars you will have to drag 3 cylinders from the right side of the screen and adjust them to the size you would like. For the grips make them a bit thicker so it can fit around the bars, to make both grips the same size you can copy and paste one.

Step 2: The Clamp and Headset Cap

Step 2: Create the clamp by using a cylinder and square. Place the square partially in the cylinder and then add bolts using a thin cylinder. For the headset cap you can use a cylinder, half sphere or tube, the headset cap is the black ring under the clamp

Step 3: Headtube

to make the headtube you will have get 2 cylinders and have one on an angle that will connect to the deck and one of the cylinders goes under the clamp.

Step 4: Deck

for the deck will need 2 squares. one of the squares is four the deck and the other is for making a hole in the back of the deck

Step 5: Wheels

to make the wheels you will need 3 cylinders and a tube. first make the wheel size and than add another one inside it for the metal core. with the tube you will need to place it in the middle and than make a hole through the wheel with the third cylinder

Step 6: Fork

to construct the falk you will need 2 squares and a cylinder. place the cylinder underneath the cylinder you did under the clamp and then construct the the bit where the wheel goes on can be copy and pasted so each sides are equal length.

Step 7: Axel

use a cylinder to create the axel than put it through the hole in the wheel

Step 8: Ramp

For extra detail you could add in a skate ramp by using a wedge and round roof