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Have you ever tried to watch a video or show with your phone laying on your lap and your hand got tired of holding it or you just wanted your hands free for something else?

Well then this project is for you!

Just the other day I was crocheting and had my phone on my lap trying to watch Netflix. It wasn't going very well. It kept sliding off my lap and it wasn't angled right for me to see the screen.

Thinking there had to be a better way, I happened to glance over toward my project corner and saw some pieces of scrap foam that I had cut off a mattress. (I knew it would come in handy someday!) That's when it struck me, why not turn that foam, into a phone stand? And so this project was born. I really like how mine turned out. The foam is rough and grips my phone really well so it doesn't slide off.

This is a great accessory for anyone who (like me) loves to work with their hands while they watch a show on their phone. Or anyone who just gets tired of having to hold their phone while watching shows.


You will need:

  • scrap piece of foam
  • serrated knife (like a bread knife)
  • sharpie

Step 1: Cutting Your Shape

Note: My foam is 3" thick.

Using a sharpie, trace a rectangle that's just slightly larger than your phone. Take your serrated knife cut out your shape.

I found that a gentle sawing motion worked the best. The serrated edges of the knife help to make a clean cut in the foam.

Step 2: Adding the Stand

Now to cut out some foam to form the stand.

Mark out a "L" shape on the side of your foam block with the long part of the "L" tilted slightly back. This will let your phone sit at a good angle for viewing.

Cut in along each side of your "L" toward the corner and remove that piece of foam.

If you find that you have little pieces of foam still hanging on or uneven spots use some scissors to trim them off and clean up your stand.

And that's it! Now you can chill in your favorite chair and binge watch all evening without having to hold your phone.

Thanks for reading!

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