Introduction: Scrapwood Chest

Check out the video and if you need more information continue on.

I used scrap plywood,scrap oak, scrap poplar, scrap maple and maybe even some scrap pine. Although this is made from scraps it's a lot of scraps.

I used:

Table saw



Brad Nailer (not needed but helpful)

Spoke shave (also not needed but helpful)

Circular saw

Screw Gun

Chop Saw

Step 1: Cut Plywood to Size

I cut my pieces to size on the table saw to ensure accurate cuts and square pieces.

These dimensions for 3/4 thick plywood. You could use 1/2 inch but your measurements will be slightly different.

Step 2: Glue Box Together

Glue all your pieces together to form your box. Use clamps or brad nails to hold the pieces in place while the glue dries.

Step 3: Cut Your Frame Pieces to Size and Glue in Place

I cut my frame 1" thick x 2" wide except the uprights on the ends I cut to 1" to be a combined thickness of 2" when it butts against the front frame. I used screws from the inside to hole my frame in place while the glue dried.

Step 4: Add Trim to Ends of Plywood.

Glue these in place.

Step 5: Cut Strips 1" Wide.

Step 6: Plane to Different Thicknesses

Run all pieces through the planer. Run 3/4 of the pieces through again. Run 1/2 of the pieces through again and then run 1/4 of the pieces through again.

If you had 20 pieces it would go like this

Plane 20 pieces lower your depth

Plane 15 pieces lower your depth

Plane 10 pieces lower your depth

Plane 5 pieces.

Step 7: Trim Strips to Random Lengths

Stagger your blocks each cut to make random lengths.

Step 8: Glue Blocks in Place

Randomly assemble your blocks and glue them into place.

Step 9: Cut Top and Router Edge

I left a slight overhang on my lid and used a roman ogee profile.

Step 10: Install Hardware

Install Hinges and hardware to hold your lid open.

Step 11: Apply Finish of Your Choice.

Spray on finish is probably the easiest route here.

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