Introduction: Scratch-Off Globe

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I love travelling, and I've been fortunate enough to see a fair few countries in my life. However, as any sufferer of wanderlust will know, seeing a few only makes one want to see more - there's a whole world out there just waiting to be explored!

Inspired by the method craftknowitall used to make the scratch-off sections of this Valentine's card, I created scratch-off paint from craft paint and dishwashing liquid, making this project super cheap! The globe cost me only R16 (South African Rands - under $1.50) and the paint and dishwashing liquid I already had - this couldn't have cost more than $2 in total.

The idea is to scratch off each country after you visit it, and eventually, one day, scratch it all off. It's a fun craft for any traveller, or a great gift for someone bitten by the travel bug.

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  • Globe
  • Silver craft paint
  • Dishwashing liquid

Step 1: Mix the Paint and Start Painting

To make the paint, mix 2 parts silver paint with 1 part dishwashing liquid. This creates the scratch-off formula.

Carefully paint one country at a time, making sure the borders are still definable. Paint non-adjacent countries at first so that you can see where one country ends and the next begins.

Step 2: Add Borders

Add the borders by creating the same scratch-off formula with black paint and dishwashing liquid and use a thin brush or toothpick to apply it to the edges of the silver-coated countries.

Step 3: Cover Each Country

Continue this process until all the countries are covered, and the land masses on your globe are silver and outlined with black, so you can still tell which country's which.

Step 4: Scratch Off Your Visited Countries

Use a coin or some sort of blunt object that won't damage the globe to scratch the silver coating off the areas you've visited, revealing the countries beneath.

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