Introduction: Scratcher for Kitten

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This story is about creating a scratcher for a cat from improvised materials.

Thinking about scratcher, I wanted to make it functional. Combine the game, the house and actually the scratching post.

As materials, I used various pieces of wooden boards remaining on the balcony, OSB and a shovel handle. I had a thick hemp rope too. But a special sisal cord had to be bought. Sisal can also be replaced with jute.

The simplest tools: saw, sandpaper, screwdriver, screws, wood glue.

See what you have left of the old pieces of wood to determine the shape and size of the scratcher.

Measure all the details and draw a layout.

Mark out the details, cut and sand with sandpaper.

Connect the parts together at the correct angle (90). Screw in the screws so that the screw head is completely level with the surface. Later they can be sealed with special furniture stickers.

When joining wooden parts, you can additionally use special glue.

Wind the cord around the assembled scratcher.

Scratcher is ready, joy your beloved cat!

PS. We made this scratcher for our kitten.

Unfortunately, a couple of days after making scratcher, our cat was lost.

We were unable to find him :(

This explains the lack of photos of the kitten with scratcher.

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