Introduction: Mat for Kettlebells Made of Scraps of Linoleum

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I train with kettlebells at home.

Initially, there was a need for special mat on which kettlebells can be placed (dumbbells, barbells) during training. Moreover, it is far from always possible to put a kettlebell on the floor carefully, because your hands get tired of loads.

A specialized rubber mat costs money, which is a pity.

Previously, instead of a mat, I used cardboard boxes stacked in many layers. However, cardboard is not ideal, because although it extinguishes the weight of a kettlebell, it does not spring or restore shape.

In this short guide, I will explain how I upgraded my kettlebells mat.






Ruler, tape measure, marker

Sharp knife


Step 1: ​Making Mats

After the apartment renovation, there were many scraps of linoleum, and I put them into use.

Determine the size of mat you need.

Cut out pieces of linoleum in size.

Each mat will consist of several layers of linoleum. I used 6 layers.

Whole pieces of linoleum should only be on top and bottom of the mat. Inside you can make a composite layer of several scraps, the the main thing is to watch the outer edge and the absence of gaps inside.

Assemble your rug from several layers, check the evenness of the edges, and trim if necessary.

Drill a series of holes along the edge of the mat. The distance from the edge is 2-5 cm. The distance between the holes is 3-5 cm.

Pass the paracord into the holes, pull the paracord well, tie the ends of the paracord with the knot up.

So that the linoleum layers do not move during drilling, you can use clamps, or after drilling each hole, immediately pass a paracord into it.

The mat is ready, you can train;)

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