Introduction: Scrub Hat With Ear Saver Buttons

During the recent crisis of COVID, it has become of utmost importance for essential personnel to wear scrub hats. An added bonus is adding buttons for attaching your mask. I typically include with the hat to allow the recipient to choose best placement for the buttons.


1- Pre-washed and dried 100% cotton fabric

-1 piece will measure 8" H by 34" L
-1 piece will be a circle with a 10"D (can use a bowl with a 10"D or follow my instructions)

2- 6"of 1/4-1/2" elastic

3- 1 safety pin

4- Your favorite sewing supplies:

-Scissors and Rotary cutter and mat

-Tape measure


-Thread color of your choice

-Seam ripper in case there are boo boos


-Sewing machine

Step 2: Step #2: Cut Your Fabric

You will need:

-1 piece of fabric that is 8"H x 34" long. I like to fold my fabric in half and cut on fold. Piece will be 8" by 17" unil unfolded. This piece is the band of your hap.

-1 piece of 10"x10' fabric. This piece will be the center or top section of your scrub hat,

In the first picture, I have my 10x10 square. You can fold good side to good side for this step or you can fold bad side to bad side. There is NO SEWING yet, so it does not matter.

With good side facing up, with your LEFT hand, fold the entire piece in half (picture 3). You have a fold on the left and the measurement is approximately 10"H x 5" long.

In picture #4, I have folded the fabric again so that your open ends are at the top. You should have a fold on the left and a fold on the bottom. The piece now measures ~ 5x5.

Picture #5 I am making an arc. Put your ruler or measuring tape with the 0 in the left hand corner and in increments, place a pin out at the 5 " mark. When your entire piece of fabric is marked (3-4 pins), cut around the outside of the pins. Remove your pins and you should have a circle shape.

The hat is fairly forgiving, so don't worry about 100% accuracy!

You now have a long piece of fabric 8"x34" and a circle with ~10"D.

Step 3: Step #3

Fold your 8x34" in HALF, good sides together. Your fold will be on the 8" side. Sew the opposite 8" side with a straight stitch. It is important to finish the seam and ALL seams with a serger or zigzag stitch to prevent fraying from washing.

Step 4: Step 4:Fold and Iron

Fold the ENTIRE BOTTOM edge of your cap band piece up ~ 1 inch. I will fold up 1/4" (picture #1) and then an additional 1" (picture #2) so there are no frays. Iron as you go. This step is like you are hemming a garment /making a casing (you are). DO NOT SEW YET.

Step 5: Step 5: Let's Assemble!

You will now attach your circle(top of cap) to the band using pins.

Open your band that is now in a tube shape, right side of the fabric should be on the INSIDE. Start at the front of your hat and pin, right side together. I usually pin side to side in case, for some reason, I end up with excess band fabric. If there IS excess band fabric, I add a pleat to each side of the back sewn seam.

Picture #3 we are all pinned and ready to sew.

Sew around the top of the hat and finis your seam with a serger or zigzag stitch.

Step 6: Step 6: Add the Elastic

Cut 6" of elastic.

Place the hat inside out with the back seam facing you.

Measure over 8 inches to the left and zig zag stitch the elastic just above the iron creased fold from the bottom. This fold acts as a "shelf" for out elastic.

Next, pull that elastic past the back seam and 8 inches to the right, zig zag stitch the right side in place.

You can still fold the bottom of the hat up 1 " and the elastic will tuck into the casing.

Step 7: Step 7:Sew It Closed

Sew around the entire bottom of the band.

Turn right side out.

Sew your buttons around the ear area if that is the plan.

You are finished !

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