Introduction: Scrub Mommy!

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This year for Halloween I decided to be the fancy Scrub Mommy. The original product is Scrub Daddy(many saw its inception on Shark Tank and/or QVC). At some point the company created a Scrub Mommy to complement the Scrub Daddy sponge. I prefer the Scrub Mommy version and thought its dual-sided design would be a super-fun costume!

Step 1: Template and Foam

I wanted to make the human version to scale of the actual sponge. The sponge is 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" . I scaled it up almost 10 times.

You can purchase the New Green foam from Joann Fabrics, or other types online, though buying thicknesses of 4 or 5 inches can cost you upwards of a hundred bucks or more.

Alternatively, you can get the thick, dense foam from old camper cushions. It is nasty stuff compared to the new green stuff, but if you can get it for free, that can be overlooked without too much concern. It's a proven fact that everyone is just 3 degrees of separation from a redneck, so someone you know has a camper stationed somewhere and can be convinced to part ways with some of their cushions.

: D

1. I used paper-on-a-roll to create my template, using an actual Scrub Mommy as a guide. Pencil and string is a fun way to create a large circle.

2. Using various objects to keep the cutout flat on the sponge, I outlined the shapes with a Sharpie.

3. (I had to piece together foam pieces... this Sponge is huge!)

4. I tried using a jigsaw at first, which cut brilliantly, but it only extend though about 2", so I finished the cut though(and did all remaining cuts) with an electric knife.

5. I used spray adhesive to attach the foam pieces together.

Step 2: Soft Side of Sponge

I had a nice, light yellow piece of fleece for one side of the sponge.

1. I used the paper cutout to make that pattern, enlarging the edges by one inch for fold-over.

2. I sprayed the fleece, then placed the foam onto and pressed down for adhesion.

3. I then sprayed all the edges and innards and glued those down.

4. I cut out strips for the eyes, mouth, and the outside perimeter.

5. Sprayed and glued, and a bit of sewing in certain spots for extra durability.

Step 3: Scrubbie Part of Sponge

1. Using the template, I marked the foam for the other side.

2. I needed to fit myself into the sponge so I oriented this side of the foam vertically and halved the middle section.

3. The cut out pieces... outer are 5" thick, the inner at about 2.5".

4. Ready for gluing with spray adhesive. I used long clamps to ensure good adhesion.

5. This view shows the channel to help me fit into it. : D

6. This image show the channels I cut out for my arms to lay into.

7. I generously sprayed the face of the foam and then laid that onto the pink velour. After it dried, I then cut around all the edges.

Step 4:

1. Edges sprayed with glue and pressed down onto foam.

2. Strips glued into eyes and mouth in same fashion as other side, but the outer strip I made wider by 2" to allow more movement space in between the sponge.

3. I attached the two sponge layers with 6 composite shims, buried into slots within each side.

4. I then sewed the two layers together, leaving neck, hands, and leg opening open.

5. Accessories to complete my ensemble.

Step 5: Trick or Treat!

Scrub Mommies can eat all the candy they want. It doesn't go to their hips, 'cos they haven't got any.

After Halloween is over, this oversized sponge has not lost its usefulness. For instance, a really big sponge can wash a car faster than a tiny sponge. That sounds fun...

: )

~ Cynthia

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