Introduction: Sculpting Tiny Dinosaurs

Today I will be showing you how to sculpt tiny dinosaurs. Original concept by Multi-Medium Master. The supplies you will need are:

a sculpting medium

sculpting tools

a very small wire

Some different sculpting mediums can be used, for this I used clay, but you could use super sculpey, or maybe play doh. For the sculpting tools, you can find any set that has the tools you would use for this. and for the wire I used a 1.6 mm wire.

Step 1: Making the Armature

To make a good sculpture you need to make an armature. The best material for the armature is a wire, the smaller the wire the weaker this will be. These are some ways to make an armature:

1: a metal wire with rolled masking tape- This is a method that works well for making the armature slower. The thing to watch out for is making sure your sculpting medium is thick enough

2: a metal wire with hot glue- Do not use polymer clay for this method, because you must bake polymer clay the glue melts. You can hot glue the wires together for a good, stable foundation.

3: a metal wire with super glue and baking soda- another good method is using a metal wire with a combination of super glue and baking soda. When you add super glue to baking soda it becomes as hard as a rock.

4: using your sculpting medium- This method is easier than the others, but not as good as them. You can just simply shove your wire in the sculpting medium to hold it together.

Step 2: Adding Layers

As with everything in life, the sculptures will have layers. The layers are here to not make it look like one big blob. The layers help give it the detail that makes it look real.

The first few layers should be to give it muscles or "bulking out" the sculpture. The next few should be to give it some details.

Step 3: Adding Details

When you have completed the other steps there is nothing that gives this dinosaur any details. You can choose how you detail your dinosaur, I personally gave it scars from fights its had in the past, so it looks like it can take a beating. You can make your dinosaur look like its young or old depending on the details that you give it. A sculpture isn't a sculpture without details.