Introduction: Seal Plastic Without an Impulse Sealer

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Since i am making a DRD pack (Drink version of MRE), i decided to make this instructable seeing that noone else made a similar instructable. It's so easy, you can seal 10 plastic bags per minute! Plus, it's watertight!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials Needed:
* Candle (or lighter)
* Plastic Bags
* 2 BBQ sticks
* tape
* Common sense

Disclaimer:We will use a flame source in this experiment! take extra precaution and NEVER EVER EVER do this when you are drunk!

free of any legal restrictions, lets begin!

Step 2: Make the Pinching Jig

This is very easy. Just tape the BBQ sticks at the blunt edges like the picture. You can also use an unbroken chopstick

Step 3: How to Use the Jig

Light the candle if you haven't done so

1. Put the object you wanna seal into the plastic bag. Remove the air if you want to
2. fold the end over
3. slide the plastic into the jig
4. use 1 hand to support the object in the plastic while passing the pinched end over the flame. pass it over swiftly, but not too fast. remove from flame if sealed nicely. Use photos to guide you properly

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