Introduction: Second Portable Usb Charger That WORKS

hi all    after making my 1st usb charger just to find out that it worked for a few minutes and then the battery got really Hot

this while unit was off... so i tried a few other things just to get to the same point. HOT Battery..........

This one cost me Ready for this??? a whole $1.00 Dollar and guess what it actually works and the battery doest not over heat....Great.

1 all you need is one USB Car charger and take the inside out.
Second place it inside a Container of your choice. mine was a small tin. with rubber on the bottom and top of tin.

3rd  a small switch  solder all together  hot glue the usb to the container plug it to your 9 v batt.    and presto

No more pulling your hair out. this works,, cheers