Introduction: Secret Compartment to Hide Money

Tinkercad is a simple software to make 3d designs for 3d printing as I said in my last Instructable in which I used tinkercad. So now I am making a secret box to put money so that people wont know as it is S.E.C.R.E.T. The above images shows the secret box behind a chair (you can put it wherever you wish you want too). In the next steps we will discuss how to make it.

Step 1: Making the Box

1. Take a cube And make its height 50, sides 50.

2. then take another holed cube and make its height 40, sides 40. And put the holed cube inside the red cube and then group them in a way that the resulting cube will have a thickness of 5.

3. Then take a holed cylinder with height 10 and sides 20 and put it on top of the cube for opening for money .

4. And group them, and you will see the opening if there is by mistake another opening then close it in a way that they can also be opened in case you want to put something bigger inside.

Step 2: Testing

Now test if it can fit a penny and check if it can fit as you make it by default a unit in tinkercad is if 1=1mm so if you want you can change it to centimeter. and after that 3d print it and Enjoy!!!!!

Step 3: Improving If You Want (optional)

You can improve it if you want with more things

Congratulations on your big success and Thank you for allowing me to present.

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