Introduction: Secret Penguin Design

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I had this penguin designed for a while and when I saw a challenge I decided to make this Instructable. I will go through the steps and you can design it too.

Step 1: Make the Body

Make a body out of a cylinder and a half sphere. When it is the size you want you can group the items. I did the cylinder at 80mm by 80mm by 80mm and the half sphere at 80mm by 80mm by 40mm.

Step 2: Drawer

Make a smaller cylinder and half sphere. I did mine at 60mm by 70mm by 50mm for the cylinder and 60mm by 70mm by 20mm for the half sphere.

Step 3: Rest of Drawer

Make a hole in the drawer to put items in. Warning, do not make the hole all the way trough.

Step 4: Hole in Body.

Now to put the hole in the body for the drawer to fit. Make a cylinder and make it a hole. My drawer is 60mm by 70mm so I will put the measurements into the hole. Then the height will be around 80mm high. Select the whole and the body and then press the L key on the keyboard. Press the button on the screen as shown above and lift the hole up to 5mm in the air. Then bring the hole into the body for whatever depth you want the drawer. Now group the hole and the body together.

Step 5: Face

Add two spheres as eyes and a cone for the nose. You can put wings on your penguin or not.

Step 6: Print (Optional)

You may print the penguin if you want.

Step 7: Store Anything (Also Optional)

You can hide whatever fits into the drawer. The bill that is folded up in the photo above barely fits in.
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