Introduction: Secret Profile Pipe! Without Welding and Bolts, Reliable Connection of the Profile Pipe

A very simple way with which you can make a solid connection of a profile pipe without a welding machine, bolts and other connecting elements.

Step 1: We Put Marks on the Width of the Pipe.

Step 2: On the One Hand We Will Cut Out the Window.

Step 3: Now We Take Another Pipe and Measure It From the Edge 1.5. Cm

Step 4: Cut Out the Window.

Step 5: It Turns Out Like This.

Step 6: on the Other Hand, We Make Two Slots.

Step 7: We Take the Second Profile Pipe and Cut It Like This.

Step 8: Turn Back and Connect.

Step 9: Clamp With a Hammer.

Step 10: That's All

Step 11: