Introduction: Secret Pumpkin Box

Hello everyone, myself Jyoti Sharma, I'm from India and a mother of 2. I was making something new for me from while I got to know about this competition for making a craft and uploading it on the website. So I decided to participate in this contest and this is my first Instructable and I would urge everyone to please give it a thumbs up or leave a nice comment if you like it.
So about this project. This is a Secret Pumpkin Box. This can be a sweet little gift or a craft you can make with your creative kid or surprise your sibling or friend by gifting him/her this. Don't Forget to add some chocolates in it too :) .
This is a very simple craft and would just take 2 hours of your valuable time and 2 days for completion(Which includes drying and everything).
So let's get into the fun part.


You will be needing cardboard(a good amount, it can be from any old box) not much thick, Superglue(or Fevicol), Paper napkins, some old newspaper, and acrylic paint of red color.

Step 1: Step 1: Take Your Cardboard and Cut Out Some Pieces, and Join Them Back

You have to take your cardboard and cut out small pieces using scissors. The shape should be somewhat hexagonal and Oval and would be approximately the size of an adult's palm. You can see the Image attached alongside this paragraph. and after that you have to join the pieces like done in the images using a tape(Could be any sticky tape, here I'm using doctor's tape) . When you will have a string of them(10 pieces joined together in this manner) just join all of them in a circular or spherical shape.Once done it will look something like this.

Step 2: Make a Base and Bend the Structure

Now when have a shape like the first image, you have to create a base for your pumpkin. Which would be circular in shape. It's diameter would be the diameter of the shape already made by you after joining the small pieces. Now after making the circular base using cardboard. Stick it to the bottom of the already made structure using superglue. After this you have to bend the structure a little to make it the shape of a pumpkin. Be safe during this step as it could break your shape too. Now as you have done this step nicely,you will be having a shape somewhat like a pumpkin let it rest for a while as you move to the next step.

Step 3: Solidifying the Pumpkin and Giving a Perfect Structure.

To start the solidification or perfection, you will first have to tear some newspaper pieces and also prepare a solution of water and superglue(Ratio would be 2 cups water: 1 cup glue). Now you have the mixture andthe torn newspaper. Now it's time to get your hands dirty. Take a peice of newspaper and dip it into the glue and water mix. now take it out and paste it to the structure. Continue this step until your craft looks sometjing like above image. Now just as you did with newspapers,do the same with napkins. Continue this proces until you have 3-4 layers over your pumpkin. Now make the lid which will be also of the cardboard and dried and made like the same procedure as that of pumpkin. Now let it rest in a dry place for 12 hours.

Step 4: Paint

After it's dry, now it's time to paint and show your creativity. Start by applying some colour to the lid which will be also of the cardboard and dried and made like the same procedure as that of pumpkin. Now take some paint and start painting your pumpkin in whichever hsade you like or like me using the classic orange acrylic paint.Once you are done with this let the pumpkin rest until it's dry.

Step 5: Complete

Once it's dried it will be looking something like this,now you are good to go and gift it to someone special.Thankyou for giving this a read. Open for suggestions.

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