Introduction: Secret Underground Box

when I saw this contest I was quite happy. When I was younger I would hide my valuables in bags with pictures or little secret compartments. But when I saw this contest I knew I could make something better. And I’m quite happy how it turned out.

Fun Facts From When I Made This

. I used a branch cutting saw

. The marker, I got it in kindergarten

. After the final photo I had to come in because a nest of bees started swarming

. I was making those things that you put in water and they expand before I came up with the idea

. I was listening to Macklemore the whole time I was sawing

I hope you like my Instructable!


1. Plywood any size you want

2. Duct tape

3. Measuring tape

4. Marker/pencil

5. Saw

6. Ring/keychain/Any sort of circular metallic object

6. Weeds

7. A backyard

8. Nails/screws which ever you prefer

9. Hammer/screwdriver/drill

10. Shovel

Step 1: Measuring

Using your measuring tape find the halfway point in your plywood.

Step 2: Using the Marker

Draw a line down the middle to follow with the saw.

Step 3: Sawing

Saw the board and half.

Step 4: Doing It Again

Now that you have your 2 halves Saw the 2 halves in half again.

Step 5: Now That You Have Your Fourths

So, now that you have your fourths you want to saw the other plywood in half, but only take one of the sides and saw that in half because six square is equal a cube.

Step 6: Now That You Have All Six Fourths (That Kind of Sounds Weird)

since you have all six fourths you will form a cube shape but whichever square will be on top do not put on yet.

Step 7: After the Box

I nailed together the box and then wrapped it with duct tape to make it look a bit cooler but now what you’re going to want to do is use the hinges attach it to the bottom of the top and the top side of the back so that it can make a functioning trap door.

Step 8: Finishing Up the Box

Now that you have the top attached you can either nail or duct tape the circular metallic object to the top front of the box so that you can pull up the trap door.

Step 9: Digging the Hole

Next dig a hole to put the box in. It cannot be too deep because we need the trap door still poking its head up, or at least the metallic object.

Step 10: Putting in the Box

Next you want to put the box into the hole you dug.

Step 11: Filling in the Hole

You need to fill in the hole and lightly cover the trap door.

Step 12: Using the Weeds/grass/covering

Next you want to cover the trap door with your covering. With me I used weeds. Make sure the trap door is almost invisible to the human eye unless the covering is moved.

Step 13: This Isn’t Actually a Step Just Pictures of the Finished Product

I am quite happy with how this turned out. I hope you like it. And I took a couple of pictures including a picture from the inside of the box, which kind of looks cool because you’re seeing up from in the box which is underground.

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