Introduction: Seed Starter

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This project is perfect if you want to start seeds indoors. Maybe it's still cold outside, or you want to start them while you wait your first harvest and make room in the planter. It's easy to make and it'll help you control the amount of water the seeds are getting.

And once ready, it's very easy to transplant them.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Rubber band

X-acto knife or kitchen knife

Floral foam

Glass pan

Measuring tape

Step 2: Mark the Cubes

Measure the foam, mark squares of 2x2 cm
The foam should be 4cm width.

With the x-acto or knife make cuts to mark those lines. They should be at least 1cm depth.

Step 3: Holes

Measure 2cm of the straw and wrap the rubber band, it will help us make the holes the same depth.
At the centre of each square, make an indentation with the straw.

Step 4: How to Use It

Immerse the foam in a bucket of water. Once it's full of water put it in the glass pan. Place one or two seeds on each hole. Keep it in a warm sunny place.

Every one or two days pour a cup of water in the pan. The foam will absorb the water it needs.

Step 5: Transplant

Once the plants are growing you can transplant them by detaching each cube/plant and putting into a planter with soil or directly in your garden.

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