Introduction: Self-Supporting Corner Bookshelf

Accuracy is very important for the shelf to remain aligned and self supporting.

Step 1: Materials

I added a materials list per request.

1"x6"x10' pine planks 5 x $5 =$25

Stain $3

1"x10' EMT conduit 3 x $5.50 =16.50

3/4" conduit hangers (5pk) 2 x $2.75 =5.50

1" conduit straps (4pk) 3 x $2 =$6

spray paint $5

screws $2

Total =$63

Step 2: Support Poles

Cut 1" EMT electrical conduit to desired length.

Step 3: Shelves

Cut wood planks to desired length.

Step 4: Drill

Drill holes in the longer shelves to accommodate one of the support poles.

Step 5: Sand

Smooth out any roughness on the planks with sand paper.

Step 6: Shelf Supports

Build two shelf supports for each shelf.

Step 7: Feet

Shape and glue feet for the support poles.

Step 8: Stain

Stain all the wood. You can follow with poly or other finish if desired.

Step 9: Hardware

The required hardware to support the shelves include tie plates, EMT 2-hole straps and conduit hangers.

Step 10: Prime

Prime the poles and hardware.

Step 11: Paint

Spray paint the poles and hardware. I chose hammered bronze.

Step 12: Tie Plate

Screw a tie plate to the underside of the junction of each shelf.

Step 13: Strap

Partially screw the EMT straps to the shelf supports so that they can slide over the poles. Screw the supports to the underside of the shelves.

Step 14: Fasten Shelves

Fasten the conduit hangers to the corner pole to support the shelves under the shelf holes. Tighten down the EMT straps on the side poles.

Step 15: Build

Start adding shelves to the poles. When all are in place make sure everything is in proper alignment and tighten down.

Step 16: Fill

Align the shelf with and fasten to the wall. Fill with books.

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