Introduction: Self Watering Pot Plant From Drink Cans

Want to grow some herbs? Or have a pot plant which doesn't need to be watered everyday? If so, check this out.


Material & Equipment:

Beverage cans
Wicking material (stocking)
4 pak can clip HDPE plastic
Sticky tape
Piece of cord
Plants (herbs)
Snap off knife.
Glue gun
Cutting surface

Step 1:

Purchase and consume your favourite beverage.

Step 2:

Cut a can in half with the knife. Take care, consider eye protection. Finish cutting with scissors.

Step 3:

Trim edges to be straight and true with scissors.

Step 4:

Wash the wicking material (optional).

Step 5:

Turn top half of can upsided down, place wicking material through opening and into bottom half. Carefully fit top can onto bottom half. It's a snug fit.

Step 6:

Cut a 2nd can, about 3 cm (inch & a bit) from top. Trim both sides with scissors to be straight.

Step 7:

Cut bottom off 2nd can, straighten edge. Cut resulting ring down the middle with scissors.

Step 8:

Flatten , by rubbing over an edge.

Step 9:

Make a filling tube, by rolling a tube and securing with sticky tape.

Step 10:

Insert filling tube into can's drinking hole and secure with glue from glue gun.

Step 11:

This can now be used as a planter for herbs and placed on a kitchen window still. But wait, there's more..

Step 12:

Insert the planter onto the top section of prevously cut 2nd can.

Step 13:

Clip planter into pak clip. With filling tube outwards. Add a plant into the can. e.g. parsly. Clip in more planters.

Step 14:

Spread planters outwards with another tube, placed at base of can clip. Secured with glue from hot glue gun.

Step 15:

Make another set of planters, stack on top. Secure with cord.

Step 16:

Add water through filling tubes, and enjoy low maintainance gardening.
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