Introduction: Self-Watering Recycled Planter

In this project, we are going to create a planter that waters the plant and keeps the soil moist all the time.


You will need:

- A recycled bottle

- A plant or seeds to plant your own

- Strings (preferably thick cotton)

- Glue or Glue gun

- Colors/Markers/Paints

- A pointy object to make a whole with

Step 1: Gather Your Materials & Cut the Bottle

As soon as you have all your materials gathered you will begin by cutting the plastic recycled bottle in half. Ask an adult for help.

Step 2: Prepare the Cap and the Strings

For this step, you will have to cut the strings to your desired length, about 4 strings. Cut a hole in the center of the cap and pass the string through it. Make a knot on the inside part of the cap to secure the strings.

Step 3: Glue the Cap

Once you have the cap and the strings attached, it is now turn to attach the cap to the bottle. Use a glue gun or whichever kind of glue to secure the cap in place and make sure it can hold the soil above.

Step 4: Decorate!

It is time to decorate your bottle with the item of your choice! You could use markers, colors, paints or whatever you like! Draw stripes, dots, swirls, doodle or paint the whole bottle with solid colors. Try to make it as fun and creative as possible!

Step 5: Assemble

It is time to assemble! Grab the bottom part of the bottle and place the top part facing down. It should look like the picture above.

Step 6: Buy Some Seeds or a Small Plant

In this step, you can choose between buying seeds to grow your own plant or go the easy way by buying a plant that was already grown. Make sure you buy soil to plant it properly and help it grow at its best.

Step 7: Arrange the Strings

This step involves using small pieces or tape or something to attach each string to the top of the bottle. This way they won't fall when we add in some soil.

Step 8: Layer of Soil

Before putting in our plant, we have to add a thin layer of soil at the bottom. Make sure the strings don't fall yet.

Step 9: Bend 2 of the Strings

It is now time to bend only two of the four strings for them to moisten the bottom part of the plant.

Step 10: Transfer the Plant

We will now transfer the plant with care into our planter. If you are using seeds, this is the time to place them in the soil!

Step 11: Add Extra Soil

You will need to add extra soil to fill in the pot and make sure the plant has enough for it to grow.

Step 12: Release the Last Strings

It is now time to the release the two last strings and place them at the top of the plant, these will make sure the top of the plant is always moist.

Step 13: Last Layer of Soil

Add the last layer of your soil to cover the strings and finish the plant set-up.

Step 14: Add Water

In order for the planter to work, the water at the bottom must be filled. This water will make sure the plant is constantly being watered.The last step is to arrange the planter! Put the top part on top of the bottom part of the bottle that is filled with water. Make sure all strings are touching the water!

Step 15: Take Care of It!

Its as easy as that! Your only job is to take care of it and to make sure your planter is in a spot where it has solar light coming in. You can keep it beside a window in your room, office, or in your balcony. These plants will bring you positive energy! ENJOY!

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