Introduction: Self Defence Kubotan (non-lethal)

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I wanted a protection, but i don't want to immediately draw a knife on someone....this simple thing directs all of your force in one spot. It cannon do as much damage as a knife, but it is very painful. It is NOT designed for piercing the skin.

I found "Kubotan" on the internet. There are many tutorials for a different types of it.
So i made one for myself...and i have to say that it's actually pretty good option if you don't want to hurt anyone too much and you just want to defend yourself.

Aren't fists enough?
No. Fists are not enough (most of times)
If you punch somebody with your fist and you hit a bone...that hurts, really hurts. Maybe first few punches you'll be ok, but
continue and you will not be able to move your fingers anymore for a long time. This will deliver damage where you need to without hurting yourself... of course you should first try how to punch with it right way.

you will need:
aluminium pipe 1cm diameter
hockey tape
big keychain ring
wooden stick

YouTube channel:

Step 1: Body

You can see that i've used an aluminum pipe because it is light but strong enough. Diameter of mine is 1cm.

First i cutted it so it fits my hand. Rather make it longer and short it later if you will need to.
Then make a hole at one and like me, leave some space at the end. But not much.
After that i used sandpaper on whole thing, but you don't have to. Just sandpaper the edges well, inside too.
The ring has to be quite big so your thumb can go in and out fast. If it's too small it can be dangerous for you.

Step 2: Hit End

This will be delivering the damage. Wood is good (hard). No need for a metal point, that is too lethal.
So, cut a piece from a stick and make it fits into the body. Grind it into like V shape, so when you hit something, it will not slide into the body (sandpaper the edges of the pipe!)

When it's ready, take a glue and pour some into the body and then bump (hope it's the right word) the wood into it.
There has to be a few centimeters left, which is gonna be the Hit end.

Grind it, sandpaper it, paint it...

Step 3: Grip

Sweat is your enemy. But a hockey tape is your friend.
Tape some around, maybe more then i did. Don't worry about how it looks, important thing is if you can use it.
This is good also for reducing vibrations...

Step 4: Vibrations

I tried it...When i did hit the ground all energy was going into my thumb. Ouch!

So ..i took a pliers to hold my icecream and then start working on a cork (i don't think this is a real cork,but it's efficient for this).
Do the same as you did with wood. Make a V shape and stick it in. You can use glue,but it holds good without it anyway.
Then sandpaper it. Remember- bigger surface means less pain when you strike.

(after that i added a spring around the ring just for better desing and finally finished my icecream,mmm:)

Step 5: Keys

Now you can attach it to your keys. Guys i really do not know how is this thing i am using named:D but you know what it is,right?:D
Why you have to have it?

1. When you fight, taking your keys is just bad idea!. Keys from house, car, Rather take the Kubotan from keychain fast and keys leave safe in a pocket.

2. Swing it wrong way and keys will hit your hand.

3. Somebody is going to punch you. What you will do? You cover with your hands...and if you have sharp keys in front of your face

...guys,just buy this thingy so you can clip it off, it worth it.

Step 6: How to Use It

OK. i'm not a master. I cannot teach you how to use it. I can only tell you: Do NOT strike anyone in a head!
Basically you should hit a pressure point.

Look at the internet and find out yourself how you can make this work for you.

Search for :
Human pressure points in martial arts
Kubotan - how to use it 
Basic punch blocks


Well...great:D Usually i write here something like ,,have fun" but i'm not. I hope you will not have to use it. But if you do, do not kill anyone, be careful and if you'll not gonna be sure if you should use can just hold it and strike with your fist or palm. Or run away!

I think that's all. If you have questions or anything on your mind, just go ahead and ask me, i'll try to help.