Introduction: Upcycled Leather Earrings - 10 Various Designs

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I really like recycling. Why throw away a something if you can make let's say earrings from it? So i've made "a few" of them. Actually i've made just one pair first and figured out that this diamond shape is kinda cool and started making different pairs.

Then i've thought i might make an instructable for it and so here it is :)

In this one they're all made of recycled leather and fake leather. I'll be doing different pairs next time made of fabric, plastic, wood, paper and just various materials. I'm already working on futuristic and wooden pair.

Here each step covers each pair. Methods that i've used are shown at the start. With that knowledge then you can make whatever style to match yours. I'd be happy if you post photos in comments and show what you have created and if you have some ideas you can also share them with others :)

Things that you'll need depends of course on which pair you'll craft

but basically i have used:

- tacks/studs/drawing pins

- leather or fake leather

- wires

- earring hooks

- superglue (gelatine form)

- scissors

- plastic foil (for pattern)

- piece of paper (for tester)

- x-acto knife

- carboard

- pliers

- sandpaper/file

Step 1: Template

You'll need a template. It's much much easier work then because you might wanna make more of these earrings. Use a piece of paper to make measurements and then then cut it out. This is the basic shape. After that make the same from hard plastic which you will be using on leather or any material that you'll wish to craft these earrings from.

5cm = 1.96 inches

2cm = 0.78 inches

Step 2: Tester

Also you can make something that can be called "tester" which is simply hole in a white paper with the same shape and you can just put it onto whatever (leather, plastic, wood, fabric... ect.) and immediately see how your earrings will look.

And let's craft..

Step 3: Elegant I

- I'm using "gold" studs, very polished, 8 millimeters in diameter (315 mils)

- gold plated rings and hooks

- fake leather, light brown and a little bit shiny, quite tough.

First let's learn how attach the ring to your earring. It can be hard or easy. The easy way i've found out is to hold the ring in left hand with a thumb and index finger, put the peak inside and squeeze so you can hold it with one hand. Then apply suplerglue and bend the earring over and press against your fingernail. It's very fast and easy. This i've done with all these earrings.

Attaching studs is a little bit trickier. I'm using superglue in a jelly for for that. First mix water with sugar, that will help the stud stick to your finger, then put a drop of glue inside and slowly glue it to the leather.

Step 4: Steampunk I

- Medium brown tough, fake leather, just a little bit shiny

- Tacks - antquied brass, polished 6 millimeters in diameter (236 mils)

- Copper ring

- Copper hooks with antuiqued brass spiral and bead

For these i've used tacks and a simple method how to fix them onto leather. But first take a piece of cardboad and draw the shape. Tack a tack in the corner and remove it. Now you can see a hole, which will help you to know what distance from the edges you'll need.

After you've done all three tacks, take a pliers and get rid off spikes.

Then file it for safety. And finally use a drop of superglue to hold them in place.

Step 5: Fantasy

- Thin, medium brown suede leather

- Tacks are made of antiqued brass, these are more flat and dim than the other ones i used. And a little bit wider - 7 millimeters in diameter (275 mils)

- Hooks are also antiqued brass, but i've replaced both spiral and bead with copper ones.

- The ring is copper too.

Attaching these tacks and leaves is also quite easy. Same method was used to add tacks as with the "Modern Steampunk" earrings, but before you glue it, just add a leaf. You will propably need to make a larger hole in it, so use a file or a get piece of wood, put the leaf on that and hammer the tack through it.

I didn't find the same leaves on the internet, but for what i've seen i have the worst :D

I mean just look.

Antiqued brass feathers on eBay

Antiqued brass leaves on eBay

Antiqued brass leaves on Etsy

Antiqued brass feathers on Etsy

Step 6: Gothic

- Tough black leather, medium shininess

- Silver plated hooks

- Instead of a wire for a ring i used grommet

- Stainless steel tacks 6 millimeters in diameter (236 mils)

Step 7: Steampunk

Definitely my favorite ones.

- Brown leather,very tough and thick

- Tacks and hooks are polished shiny brass (or maybe they're just brass plated)

- The ring, well i'm not sure what it is exactly, but if you go to let's say eBay and search for "cogs and gears" you'll find like a billion different items that you can use. Maybe more.

- Corners are rounded (do that as a first step)

If you have a thick leather like this one, use an x-acto knife or a file to slim it down.

Step 8: Dieselpunk I

- Fake leather, dark grey, medium shininess

- Steel,black rings and hooks

- Polished dark grey studs

Step 9: Dieselpunk II

- Tought, mediumm grey leather

- Pyramid shaped studs, stainless steel, 6 millimeters side lenght (236 mils)

- Silver plated rings and hooks

Step 10: Modern

- Fake creamy color leather

- Self-adhesive rhinestones

- Silver plated rings and hooks

- Replaced a silver bead with the green one

Step 11: Elegant II

- Very dark brown leather. Thin and a little bit shiny.

- Gold plated rings and also hooks

- same "golden" studs as used for "Elegant I" earrings

Step 12: Metal/Rock/Punk

- Tough black leather, medium shininess

- Stainless steel spikes

- Silver plated wires and chains

Guess, there is not to much to explain if you check out the pictures.

Depending on your skills, you might need to use a testing piece of leather to find out where exactly you will be making holes. Then add spikes. These are pretty big - 8 millimeters in diameter (315 mils) and 6 millimeters in height (236 mils).

For attaching those chains use a thin wire.

And i've made my own hooks that are shorter, because of the lenght and also it looks more original that way. Chains are 2 centimeters long each (0.8 inches).