Introduction: Make Spell Scroll Earrings With Hidden Messages

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If you love fantasy, magic and things like that...then this tutorial is for you. You can make these pure fantasy spell scroll earrings and even add a hidden message to them that reveals itself only by an ultraviolet light. Which means you'll need to go to a nightclub, because usually there are many UV lights. This message can be anything - your favorite symbol, a poet, part from a book, life motto, name of your love or even a treasure map. It's all up to you.

I've made these pair look like they're describing how to make magic potions. But i quess people would love to see what else can be created or improved, so if you like you can post your ideas and photos into comments :)

And let's start..

You will need:

- 2 toothpicks

- piece of paper

- brown permanent marker

- food coloring

- antiqued brass wire and 2 earring hooks

- double-sided sticky tape (thin one)

- pencil, crayons

- scissors

- round nose pliers

- superglue (or just glue)

- security UV set (comes with an LED UV flashlight, so you really don't have to go to a nightclub and still show your friends that there are secret messages on these earrings)

Step 1: Sticks

Start with the sticks. For that i've used toothpicks as you know now. Cut off those pointy ends so you get 3,5 centimeters (1.37 inches) long sticks and make the ends round with sandpaper.

Then use non sharp side of utility knife or some other knife to make notches around - 3 milimeters (118 mils) from the ends.

Simplest thing how to paint them after is probably just by using brown permanent marker as i did.

Step 2: Paper

Now to the paper. If you want really old looking paper do it like this.

Cut out a piece 3x7 centimeters (1.18x2.75 inches). I have used ordinary printer paper, but you can use recycled paper instead. And might be even better option because you'll not gonna need to color it and drawing will be easier as well.

But i've colored it - with food coloring. Or as an alternative you can use coffee or tea.

So first you'll need to wrinkle the paper, then color it and get rid off the excess water.

After that burn the edges with a lighter. and it's easier when you do this while it's still wet.

The paper now should measure about 2,5x7 centimeters (0.98x2.75 inches).

You should make few testing pieces too, they don't have to be that big but they will be helpful for..well..testing :)

Step 3: Attaching Sticks

These sticks can be attached to the paper with double-sided sticky tape (it's usually used for carpets i think and it¨s quite expensive, but for crafters this is very very useful thing).

Just don't make it too wide so it's not visible after you roll the paper on it.

You can of course use just some glue but with this it's much easier.

Roll it as much as you want, i did it until the distance between those two sticks is 3 centimeters (1.18 inches)

Step 4: Hanger

Time to add hooks. I've started with 5 centimeters (1.96 inches) long antiqued brass wire and cut it into two same pieces - 2,5cm (0.98 inches) long each.

By using round nose pliers made these two U-shaped hangers out of them as you can see and glued them onto the paper with superglue (jelly form). You should try it on testers first though. Maybe wait some time until it dryes a bit and then glue it there so you don't get dark spots on the other side.

And then add hooks, i've used antiqued brass hooks with flattened section and a bead.

Step 5: Secret Messages

For this optional step you'll need this - Security UV set. Buy it in paper store or on the internet. It's just ultravilolet LED flashlight and a marker pen. Again, try it with testers first before you start drawing on the earrings, because you might ruin them with that. It's fine mostly with a regular paper but when you color it by yourself it can be visible even without UV light. Also try if you will be able to draw with pencil over that.

Step 6: Finishing

Now just make few simple designs with a pencil and crayons and choose what's the best for you, try how it looks and then transfer it onto earrings. You should do this after drawing with UV marker to avoid making UV marker's tip getting dirty.

Well and we're done. Enjoy your new mysterious and original earrings, let me know if you like these or if you have questions, post your pictures in comments section, and..

... happy crafting :)